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Valley Pallet employees move freshly repaired pallets for shipment in Sacramento. Agricultural groups are sounding the alarm about a pallet shortage, which one pallet company attributes to a lack of lumber for new pallets and rising demand for recycled pallets.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
A Valley Pallet employee moves repaired pallets for shipment at the company’s Sacramento facility.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Produce shippers deal with pallet shortage
Consider the humble pallet: It's an unglamorous but crucial part of the food supply chain, the platform upon which agricultural commodities ride as they travel from farm to packinghouse to grocery store and points between. And these days, there aren't nearly enough of them to go around. Read more...

State releases its first reviews of local SGMA plans
Against the backdrop of what's shaping up as a devastating drought year, the California Department of Water Resources has released its first assessments of groundwater sustainability plans developed by local agencies to meet the requirements of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Read more...

Livestock owners see hay supplies cut due to drought
Poor crop yields and less hay being grown in California have diminished availability of the fodder, with dairy farmers and livestock ranchers facing sticker shock as they scramble to secure enough supply to feed their animals. Read more...

Comment: Grazing provides important service on public lands
Take a drive through the countryside in many states, and chances are you'll catch the familiar sight of cattle roaming pastures and rangeland. Read more...

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