Yuba County rancher Henry Smith stands next to a feeder of almond hulls.
Photo/Ching Lee
Almond shells and rice bran which he has used as supplemental feed for his cattle.
Photo/Ching Lee
Rancher Henry Smith stands in a field in Browns Valley as his cattle graze nearby. Spring rains have helped pasture conditions for ranchers in the region.
Photo/Ching Lee
Ranchers find range condition ‘not as bleak’
Recent spring rains have helped pasture conditions in parts of the state, providing relief for ranchers who struggled through much of the fall and winter with a lack of forage for their livestock. Read more...

Drought brings new attention to groundwater
Amid California's deep drought, calls for strengthening groundwater management have gotten louder as water supplies have become tighter. Water experts say they anticipate policy debates on groundwater will pick up speed in coming weeks, and representatives from the California Farm Bureau Federation urged farmers and ranchers around the state to pay attention to the discussions. Read more...

Spring storms yield modest rise in water supplies
Although the outlook for agricultural water supplies remains dismal in much of the Central Valley, officials announced some increases last week that will improve supplies in certain regions and may provide flexibility for water transfers. Read more...

Commentary: No-compromise stance will hurt, not help, environment
The late Stan Nader Sr. was a member of a family whose cattle ranching roots in Placer County go back to the 1870s. Read more...

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