A healthy onion field, left, is seen in comparison to one decimated by downy mildew. The disease needs cool temperatures and high humidity to get going, according to University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. The problem is especially rampant in organic onion fields, said Jeff Rasmussen, a pest control adviser in Kern County.
Photo/Jeff Rasmussen
Crops take hit from spate of spring storms
Amid the hot weather baking much of California this week, the spate of rain and hail that hit the state last month may have faded from memory—but not for farmers who continue to tally damage from the spring storms. Read more...

Farm customers anticipate impact of power shutoffs
To guard against destructive wildfires, all of California's investor-owned utilities now have protocols in place to de-energize power lines as a precautionary measure to avoid sparking wildfires. Read more...

Commentary: Farmers provide a dose of reality on Capitol Hill
We in agriculture can all feel the impacts of regulation, taxes and other mandates that elected officials pass and agencies administer, and often wonder, "Why did they do that?" The answer is simple: That's what the experts told the staffers; the staffers briefed the elected officials; the officials adopted the brief as policy; and eventually codified some version of it as law. Read more...

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