Peach farmer Peter Martini of Martini Farms in Escalon says despite the many challenges facing cling peaches, he is able to make a profit growing the crop. The 2018 cling-peach crop was the smallest in modern history, according to the California Canning Peach Association.
Photo/Christine Souza
Misael Meza, an employee of Martini Farms, prunes cling-peach trees. Farmer Peter Martini says the orchards were designed to spread activities evenly, especially during harvest, in part to help retain employees.
Photo/Christine Souza
Diversification helps cling-peach farmers
Facing stacked odds, California cling-peach growers say they have found ways to make growing canning peaches work—at least for now—despite the many challenges facing the commodity. Read more...

Summit meeting looks at grazing to slow fire threat
With California wildfires increasing in frequency and severity, a clear message came from ranchers, academics, and other stakeholders at a "rangeland summit" meeting: Improved vegetation management using livestock grazing, prescribed burns and other land-management tools could reduce wildfire risks and bring resiliency to landscapes. Read more...

Commentary: Former CFBF leader’s words resonate today
This month, I joined fellow Farm Bureau members from California participating in the 100th American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention. Last month, I was privileged to speak at the 100th California Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting. As CFBF and AFBF celebrate centennials, we have the opportunity to look back at key milestones in our organization's history, while we look forward to how to equip our members to meet the challenges of the future. Read more...

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