University of California, Davis, doctoral student Clara Stuligross checks a blue orchard bee nest as part of a research project looking at various impacts on bee health. Blue orchard bees, a native species, can be used in combination with managed honeybees to enhance pollination in crops such as almonds.
Photo/Christine Souza
Research aims to help pollinator health
At indoor and outdoor laboratories across the country, researchers use the latest science to find solutions to stresses that plague honeybees. The outcome of their work matters greatly not only to beekeepers, but to farmers whose crops depend on bees for pollination. Read more...

Senate prepares to pass its version of 2018 Farm Bill
Encompassing a broad array of farm policy in the areas of nutrition, commodities, trade, research, rural development and more, a five-year farm bill before the U.S. Senate contains programs and policies that would benefit California farmers and ranchers, according to California Farm Bureau Federation policy analysts. Read more...

Commentary: Congress nears debate on agricultural immigration
Next month, for the first time since 1986, the full U.S. House of Representatives may consider a bill to reform agricultural labor and immigration policy. The bill would arise out of ongoing discussions in the House about the need for immigration reform and out of pressure from agricultural groups to be included as part of that solution. Read more...

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