A low-dust harvester makes its way through one of Jonathan Cloward’s almond orchards near Ripon. Cloward bought one of the machines last year and added another one this year. The Almond Board of California has been researching ways to cut down on harvest dust, including technological advances and different harvesting practices.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Low-dust machinery aids almond harvest
As California farmers work to harvest a record-sized almond crop, they say efforts to make the job less dusty are showing results. Read more...

New tariffs from China pressure farm exports
In the escalating trade conflict between the U.S. and China, more California agricultural products now face new retaliatory tariffs in one of their export markets. Read more...

Commentary: How will farms, food business react to disruption?
If there's a term describing business in the second decade of the 21st century, it's "disruption." Entrepreneurs uncovering untapped needs and creating new ones, combined with technological innovations that look a lot like science fiction, are pushing many traditional industry leaders off their perches. Read more...

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