Jeri Lynn Seifert, who operates Silveyville Christmas Tree Farm in Dixon, puts netting on a tree purchased by a customer. Choose-and-cut Christmas tree farms such as Silveyville do the majority of their business during the two weeks after Thanksgiving.
Photo/Ching Lee
Adilene Munguia, helps customers of Silveyville Christmas Tree Farm with their wreath purchases.
Photos/Ching Lee
Silveyville Christmas Tree Farmer Jeri Lynn Seifert talks to young visitors during a tour of the farm.
Photos/Ching Lee
Weather affects tree growers’ prospects
California Christmas tree growers say they have not been as hard hit by the drought as some other farmers with permanent crops—and worry more about how stormy weather could slow foot traffic to their farms. Read more...

Groundwater: New law provides chances for input from farmers
"We're moving into unknown territory." That's how California Farm Bureau Federation President Paul Wenger described the future of groundwater management come Jan. 1, when new state laws known collectively as the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act take effect. Read more...

Commentary: To be an effective advocate, build trust and relationships
Advocacy: It's an active process for a cause or proposal, and that's why we're all here. Read more...

Commentary: The platform for advocacy transitions to social media
Let me start by saying to California farmers and ranchers, congratulations. Your work has established a golden age for consumers. Read more...

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