Konda Farms in Tulare County does a second shake of its pistachio trees to harvest remaining nuts. Pistachio harvest is nearing completion in the state, with many growers reporting a robust crop with minimal insect damage.
Photo/Cecilia Parsons
Many of the state’s pistachio orchards are in an “on” year of the alternate-bearing trees, which have produced yields this year that could break the 2016 volume record.
Photo/Cecilia Parsons
Pistachio harvest finishes amid optimism
Despite early worries about weather and an ongoing trade conflict that could undermine their biggest export market, California pistachio growers say they expect to have a good year with a potential record crop of excellent quality. Read more...

Groundwater: Local agencies await finalized basin priorities
As local agencies tackle the task of writing groundwater sustainability plans for basins around California, two ongoing processes will affect both the number and the scope of those plans. Read more...

Commentary: Proposition 3 water bond represents important step
No doubt you've heard: There's another water bond on the ballot this November—specifically, the $8.9 billion Proposition 3, or the Watershed Infrastructure and Watershed Conservation Bond Initiative of 2018. Read more...

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