The amount of irrigation water in his canal, above, is not enough to sustain a crop.
Photo/Kathy Coatney
With a limited supply of water recently announced by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for 2015, Klamath Water Project farmer Ben DuVal of Tulelake says it will be a challenging season.
Photo/Kathy Coatney
Ben DuVal, of Ben DuVal Farms Inc., points out a field of wheat stubble that he is unsure he will be able to plant this year because of the limited water supply to irrigators in the Klamath Water Project.
Photo/Kathy Coatney
Klamath Basin farmers face water shortages
Without much water to grow the crops that the Klamath Basin region is known for—such as potatoes, hay, grain, horseradish and peppermint—growers this season face a fourth consecutive year of drought. Many are left wondering how they are going to make it through. Read more...

Officials outline challenges from ongoing drought
Harkening back to the Dust Bowl, officials painted a sobering picture of current water conditions during a drought briefing in Sacramento. Never in state history has the snowpack been as scarce or depleted, nor has California's population been larger. Read more...

Farmers discuss concerns about fumigant plan
Farmers from as far away as San Diego County attended a Department of Pesticide Regulation workshop in Sacramento last week to express concern about what they termed unnecessary changes to notification requirements when fumigants are used on their farms. Read more...

Commentary: You can help keep lean beef on Americans’ plates
What people eat and how food nutritionally benefits their bodies have been popular topics of discussion among consumers, but recently the discussion shifted to the national level. Every five years, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, appointed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services, reviews the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and presents a report as part of the dietary guidelines review. In February, the committee released its report, which, unfortunately, undermines the role of lean beef in a healthy, balanced diet. Read more...

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