Rice harvest at this Sutter County farm started with a field of short-grain rice last week. The earlier-maturing variety is typically one of the first to be harvested in the Sacramento Valley.
Photo/Ching Lee
Sutter County rice farmer Greg Van Dyke.
Photo/Ching Lee
Rice harvest races start of autumn rains
After being held up by late spring rains that led to a hectic planting schedule, California rice farmers have begun harvesting what is expected to be a smaller crop. Read more...

Legislature acts on bills affecting farmers, ranchers
The Legislature burned some midnight oil last weekend acting on many bills—including a number being watched closely by California farmers and ranchers—before adjourning for the year in the early hours of Saturday. Read more...

Commentary: Disastrous wildfires show need for improved policies
As dozens of wildfires burn across California and other Western states, the pressure ratchets up on Congress to take long-awaited action to reform federal policy on forestry and wildfire prevention. Read more...

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