This ranch in Tehama County uses a variety of management practices to protect water quality, such as providing drinking water for livestock so the animals are kept away from waterways and other sensitive areas.
Photo/Kathy Coatney
California ranchers such as Billie Roney say they use a variety of management practices to protect water quality.
Photo/Kathy Coatney
State board drops planned grazing rule
After hearing from ranchers across the state about their different grazing practices and the numerous environmental benefits of grazing, the State Water Resources Control Board has decided to scrap efforts to regulate grazing on a statewide basis to address potential water-quality impacts. Read more...

‘Waters’ rule takes effect in California
California farmers and ranchers face much uncertainty about the new Clean Water Act rule by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers that became effective last Friday. The uncertainty grew last week, after a federal judge in North Dakota granted an injunction sought by 13 states to prevent the rule from taking effect, and as specialists finalized work on a map that shows as much as 95 percent of California's land area might fall under the rule's jurisdiction. Read more...

Commentary: News on crop revenue reports misses part of story
The word "despite" turned up in headlines from two national news outlets this past week, on stories that threatened to spawn a new narrative in the ongoing discussion of how the California drought has affected farmers and ranchers. Read more...

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