The rice bins shown here might have to be raised as much as 20 feet off the ground to comply with flood zoning rules.
Photo/Kate Campbell
Sacramento Valley rice farmer Jon Munger, explains how changes to federal flood insurance makes managing and expanding farming operations difficult.
Photo/Kate Campbell
Sutter County planning director Danielle Stylos, center, explains the county’s current FEMA flood zone map to federal, state and local officials participating in a tour focusing on the challenges of implementing new flood-zone building regulations.
Photo/Kate Campbell
Farmers describe implications of flood rules
Remapping of flood-prone areas along the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers has serious implications for the future of agriculture and rural communities, including expensive and conflicting regulations, according to farmers who took federal, state and local officials on a tour of Sacramento Valley farms. Read more...

Water officials outline outlook for 2016, beyond
What if 2017 is a dry year?

Commentary: Bureaucratic delays weaken guestworker program
Thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of our nation's farmers and ranchers, we enjoy an abundance of affordable, American-grown food. With summer nearly here, consumers are ready for their local grocery stores and markets to be fully stocked with their favorite fresh fruits and vegetables—and U.S. agriculture is eager to keep up with the demand for American food products. Read more...

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