Kathryn Ustick, a plant specialist at Green Acres Nursery & Supply in Elk Grove, looks over plants at the nursery. As with most other sectors, nurseries and horticulturalists are short of people--including in the management ranks. One nursery operator in Santa Barbara says he is losing key people to retirement and is finding it hard to replace them.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Succulent plants, described by one nursery executive as young people's favorite starter plants, are seen for sale at Green Acres Nursery & Supply in Elk Grove.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Nurseries pursue recruitment effort
Nurseries these days are busy raising succulents, vegetable plants, low-water landscaping—and, they hope, the next generation of horticulturalists. Read more...

House moves forward with farm bill rewrite
A draft 2018 Farm Bill features many programs and provisions that could benefit California communities and people involved in agriculture, according to California Farm Bureau Federation analysts. The House Agriculture Committee is scheduled to mark up the bill this week, as Congress proceeds to update federal agricultural and nutrition policy. Read more...

Voting results on milk order will come in June
Officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture say they expect to announce the results of a producer referendum in early June on whether the state will join the federal milk marketing order, with implementation no later than Nov. 1 if the order is approved. Read more...

Commentary: Past two winters underline need for water storage
An epic water year: I'm talking about last year, of course. After a punishing, multi-year drought across California led to drastic cutbacks in water deliveries, widespread fallowing of agricultural land and extreme conservation measures in urban areas, our hydrology came roaring back in the winter of 2016-17 as storms refilled reservoirs and tested our flood control system with huge river flows. Read more...

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