C.C. “Skip” Hubbard, president of Chico Nut Co., examines a nonpareil-variety almond tree at Peterson Ranch in Arbuckle. Many growers reported that rain during bloom caused some set issues with this variety, because honeybees did not have enough clear weather to pollinate the crop. Even so, growers report a good almond crop this year.
Photo/Christine Souza
Wet conditions during the late winter and spring increased the necessity of fungicide applications in California almond orchards, including at Peterson Ranch in Arbuckle.
Photo/Christine Souza
Almond growers check effects of rain at bloom
Frequent rains and wind caused a few hurdles for California almond growers, whose orchards could have benefited from more calm weather to encourage fly time from honeybees to pollinate and set the 2017 crop. Read more...

Invasive weeds establish greater foothold on range
The state's forests and wildlands may look green and lush now, but don't expect firefighters and land managers to be resting on their laurels. Read more...

Commentary: Utilities plan changes to time-of-use electric rates
It's been close to 30 years since California electric utilities began offering time-of-use rates to agricultural customers. When TOU rates began, the electrical system signals were clear that demand on the system and available electricity production resulted in benefits to the system if usage was avoided during peak periods. But things are changing. Read more...

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