During a farm visit, University of California Cooperative Extension farm advisor Katherine Pope looks at a walnut tree that Solano County farmer Daniel Garcia pulled from his family’s orchard, confirming that the tree died of phytophthora, a root rot disease.
Photo/Ching Lee
After pulling several dead trees afflicted with phytophthora, Solano County walnut farmer Daniel Garcia and UCCE farm advisor Katherine Pope discuss production practices he can implement to prevent further damage from the soilborne disease.
Photo/Ching Lee
UC makes gains in rebuilding its extension service
When several trees on his father's walnut orchard died unexpectedly, Daniel Garcia decided he didn't want to just replace them and hope for the best. Read more...

Use of fumigant to face additional state restrictions
New restrictions for the soil fumigation uses of chloropicrin have been issued by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, despite scientific data provided by the agricultural sector that restrictions already in place provide for the safe use of the product. Read more...

Commentary: Research outlines how to discuss complex issues
(Editor's note: Charlie Arnot, CEO of the Missouri-based Center for Food Integrity, discussed consumer perceptions during a workshop at the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention in San Diego. Following are excerpts of his remarks.) Read more...

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