An employee of Hamlow Ranches from Stanislaus County, right, hands a fruit sample to a patron of a farmers market in Sacramento.
Photo/Ching Lee
A shopper at a Sacramento farmers market, left, buys corn from Vierra Farms of West Sacramento.
Photo/Ching Lee
Farmers markets try to weather the drought
With summer harvest in full swing and farmers markets brimming with the usual variety of produce, the effects of the drought may not be immediately apparent to shoppers--but farmers who work those markets tell a different story. Read more...

Drought to affect energy costs this year and next
Although the amount of hydroelectricity generation is dropping along with reservoir levels during the lingering California drought, utility companies and state agencies predict adequate energy supplies for the remainder of the summer. But they say they expect the cost of electricity to increase. Read more...

Commentary: Everyone plays a part in protecting California citrus
Recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its final crop estimate for the Florida orange crop, reflecting a reduction of 30 million cartons in total production from the previous season. There is no denying the devastating impact that Huanglongbing has had on the Florida citrus industry since the disease was first discovered in 2005. A drive through Florida citrus country will offer vastly different scenery than that of California's premier citrus-producing regions. Read more...

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