In a boat on Millerton Lake, Mario Santoyo, executive director of the San Joaquin Valley Water Infrastructure Authority, identifies the site of the proposed Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir, which would be built on the San Joaquin River within Millerton Lake. Proponents say the project would provide a number of benefits to the region, including ecosystem improvements and carryover water that could be stored for future use.
Photo/Christine Souza
Fresno County farmer Shawn Stevenson, stands in what was formerly a productive citrus orchard. Following consecutive years without water during the drought, he was forced to remove 500 acres of trees. Stevenson says additional water from the proposed Temperance Flat project would help him and other area farmers.
Photo/Christine Souza
Project aims to add Central Valley water
Editor's note: This is the second installment of a three-part Ag Alert® series about large-scale water storage projects applying to the California Water Commission for funding from the Proposition 1 water bond. Read more...

Flood proposal brings concern about land use
Describing it as a backdoor effort to regulate land use, farm groups have asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to withdraw proposed changes to the National Flood Insurance Program, or at least to reopen a comment period on the proposed changes to allow more opportunity for affected people to respond. Read more...

Commentary: New approach would better serve fish and farmers
The remarkable success of the Butte Creek project highlighted in this issue represents a microcosm of what the new Resiliency Strategy envisions throughout the Sacramento Valley. And recent developments on the Tuolumne River, for example, suggest something similar is occurring in the San Joaquin Valley. Read more...

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