Working For You!

Working for You Info
  • Sponsoring legislation, representing your interests
  • Secured a 5 percent purchase preference for California-grown food in purchases by state agencies through sponsorship of successful state legislation
  • Won $300 million in funding to help farmers and food processors comply with state air-quality and climate-change mandates
  • Ensured local control in implementing groundwater law
  • Helped win approval for a law that makes it easier for small water diverters to certify water-measuring devices
  • Surveyed members about employee shortages in support of federal immigration reform
  • Proposed amendments to bring regulatory certainty to the Clean Water Act
  • Fought for estate-tax repeal and other tax reforms
  • Supported repeal, replacement of WOTUS, while fighting proposed state version
  • Advanced California priorities in federal farm legislation
  • Worked to open and maintain market access for California agricultural products
Working for You Info
  • Blocking efforts to undermine agriculture
  • Successfully opposed state Senate Bill 49 and other unreasonable environmental legislation
  • Stopped or moderated bills that would have complicated agricultural employment
  • Blocked legislation that would have raised energy costs
  • Stopped legislation that would have expanded restrictions governing wild and scenic rivers
  • Opposed state river flow plans that would reduce water supplies
  • Blocked a rule that would have allowed utilities unlimited property access related to utility lines
  • Assured continuation of depredation rules for mountain lions that kill livestock
  • Demanded sound science in pesticide regulation
  • Defended water and property rights
    Working for You Info
    • Amplifying your opinions in a variety of forums
    • Coordinated listening sessions with the U.S. agriculture secretary and House Agriculture Committee
    • Familiarized White House staff with California agriculture during a comprehensive tour
    • Generated more than 17,600 messages to elected officials and agencies via 13 campaigns
    • Met with all 55 California congressional offices and all 120 state legislative offices
    • Responded to more than 400 media inquiries
    • Assured investment in surface water storage through the Proposition 1 water bond
    • Co-founded a coalition that advocates for rational funding of wildfire suppression
    • Challenged state endangered-species status for the gray wolf
    • Intervened on behalf of ranchers in a lawsuit affecting continued grazing on federal lands
    • Joined in a lawsuit on the economic impact of critical-habitat designations
    • Represented farmers and ranchers before state and regional water boards considering irrigated-lands programs
    • Led a coalition supporting changes in the National Flood Insurance Program
    • Co-founded a network to showcase innovative agricultural practices
    • Improved the public perception of agriculture, reaching non-farm audiences via social media, TV, magazine
    Working for You Info
    • Reducing the costs to farm and ranch
    • Culminated years of advocacy by successfully supporting elimination of the SRA fire tax
    • Provided new discounts on Ford vehicles, workers' compensation insurance, auto parts, Deere equipment
    • Provided additional discounts on insurance, supplies, services
    • Won renewal of an emergency regulation to ease impacts of tricolored-blackbird nesting in farm fields
    • Sponsored successful legislation to assure flexibility in rodent control
    • Protected the Williamson Act and advocated for other supportive local land-use policies
    • Defended farmers' access to adequate, affordable energy resources
    Working for You Info
    • Providing services you need to remain sustainable
    • Published a guide on surface water measurement and reporting
    • Provided guidance on Sustainable Groundwater Management Act implementation
    • Offered training sessions on compliance with federal food-safety rules
    • Provided advice on compliance with labor laws
    • Published comprehensive news coverage online and in print
    • Recruited, trained and supported both new and established agricultural leaders
    • Assisted members in protecting their legacy through prudent intergenerational planning
    • Provided the information you depend on to prepare for what's next

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