Working For You!

Working for You Info
  • Protecting your rights
  • Seeking repeal of WOTUS
  • Representing agricultural employers
  • Improving the organic registration system
  • Working with allies to change the state BIT Program
  • Tightening penalties for rural crime
  • Fighting expansion of ESA and seeking its reform
Working for You Info
  • Preventing a moratorium on drilling new water wells
  • Blocking efforts to transfer ground-water adjudications from the courts to the state
  • Defeating legislation to increase taxes
  • Enforcing Williamson Act contracts
  • Preventing permit requirements for removing oak trees from private property
  • Stopping unreasonable restrictions on pesticide use
Working for You Info
  • Generating 8,100 messages to elected officials, agencies
  • Advocating before state, regional water boards on irrigated-lands programs
  • Generating participation in DPR hearings on pesticide use near schools
  • Responding to more than 300 media inquiries
  • Reaching non­farm audiences via social media, TV, magazine
  • Commenting on greenhouse-gas and methane-reduction strategies
  • Preserving, expanding access to markets
  • Joining coalitions for Career Technical Education, aboveground petroleum storage, port operations
  • Working to clarify tax rules for farm equipment, fertilizer
  • The leading agricultural organization in supporting farm-friendly candidates
Working for You Info
  • Saving landowners hundreds to thousands of dollars a year through parcel-tax reform
  • Protecting the Williamson Act
  • Creating an estimated annual savings of $100 million through availability of generic pesticides
  • Working to assure equitable energy rates for farmers and ranchers
  • Assuring continuation of the netmetering energy program
  • Providing discounts on insurance, supplies, services
Working for You Info
  • Providing guidance in complying with labor laws
  • Holding workshops on SGMA implementation and water measurement
  • Publishing comprehensive news coverage online and in print
  • Developing the next generation of agricultural leaders
  • Training successful candidates for elected office
  • Providing the knowledge and insights you need to deal with new laws and regulations

Working for You (PDF)

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